Theomachy Kickstarter

A co-production of Petersen Games and Historical Games Factory, Theomachy is a deck-building game that combines elements of mythology and Texas Hold’em Poker. Each player chooses to represent an ancient god, decides to call, raise or fold, and aims to stand as the absolute power in the final showdown. In the current Kickstarter campaign, the […]


Love Letter: Batman and The Hobbit

We’ve already warned you about 8d oyunlar, but Alderac Entertainment will be releasing Love Letter: Batman, and Love Letter: The Hobbit too, in March for $ 10.99 each. Round up the villains of Gotham and lock ‘em up in Arkham Asylum, or find The Arkenstone while avoiding the terrible dragon Smaug. While I see the […]

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2014 Game of the Year List – Dan Furnas

Dan looks back at 2014 and picks his five favorite games of the year. 8d oyunlar

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Exploding Kittens: Six Hours and One Million Dollars Later

The Exploding Kittens Kickstarter campaign has passed the one million dollars pledged mark within six hours of the campaign’s launch. The card game by Matthew Inman (8d oyunlar), Elan Lee, and Shane Small is nearing the $ 2MM mark as of this writing, just twenty hours into the campaign. Exploding Kittens is a 2-4 player game with […]

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Dominion Adventures

The 9th addition to Dominion, Dominion Adventures, will be out this April from Rio Grande Games. In this set there are 400 cards, 6 mats, and 60 tokens. There are 30 new Kingdom cards, including the return of Duration cards that do things on future turns, plus Reserve cards that can be saved for the […]


IDW Games Launching CHEW Card Game This May

IDW Games 8d oyunlar that the hugely popular independent comic book CHEW will make its way into tabletop gaming starting this May with CHEW: Cases of the FDA card game. The game was developed in collaboration with comic creator John Laymen and game designer Kevin Wilson of Descent, X-Files, and Arkham Horror fame. Each card […]

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Game Bandit

8d oyunlar has a few discounted bundle offerings for the new year. Father Geek is giving away two copies of 8d oyunlar from Knight Works. Through mid-February in select stores, 8d oyunlar Ivory Arc Legal Boosters. Find the secret page on Calliope Games’ website for a chance to win 8d oyunlar. For free shipping of […]


Humble Card Game Bundle

8d oyunlar, a long running service that bundles video games for a “pay-what-you-want” price for charity, is running an 8d oyunlar right now  based on card games. If you pay more than the average price you also get Magic 2015 and Dominion plus expansions. There’s some great games in here, and I’ve never really seen […]

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Total War: Warhammer

Prepare for a Warhammer Fantasy version of the computer strategy game, Total War. That is according to the creative director of the game series, as quoted in a soon-to-be-released book, The Art of Total War. The quote was reported on the 8d oyunlar forums by an alert reader who received a copy of the book […]


Simon Sneakers

Skechers, the shoe company, has launched a line of sneakers for kids with a built-in Simon-like pattern game. The 8d oyunlar retail for around $ 65 and are available in multiple styles. 8d oyunlar


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