Crowdfunding Highlights

From Worthington Games and designer Lew Pulsipher, 8d oyunlar is a game about Vikings that involves players in exploration, trade, and diplomacy in addition to raiding and pillaging. It’s also supposed to play in just 30-45 minutes with 2-6 players. 8d oyunlar is a card-driven tactical battle game with a fantastical martial arts theme. Each […]


Gaming News Recap: 9/21/14

It’s exciting times for Super Smash Bros. fans as a demo is released, and Minecraft has a new home! Read on to find out more… 8d oyunlar

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Anime News Recap 9/21/2014

This week we have a few new previews, as well as two series confirmed to have a second season on the horizon, so come in and enjoy some trailers. 8d oyunlar

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Cryptozoic Also Irked by Hexbug

8d oyunlar isn’t the only company that has a problem with Cryptozoic’s Hex: Shards of Fate digital CCG. Cryptozoic’s trademark application for “8d oyunlar” is being held up by a potential opposition from Innovation First, makers of  Hexbug robotic toys. Cryptozoic is seeking a trademark covering computer game software, as well as “comic books, strategy […]

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Cryptozoic Responds to WOTC Lawsuit

Cryptozoic has filed with the federal district court in Washington its answer to 8d oyunlar. Not surprisingly, the answer by Cryptozoic paints a very different picture than the complaint by Wizards. Recall that WOTC alleges infringement of copyright, trade dress, and patents related to Magic: The Gathering. 8d oyunlar [PDF], however, leads off with the […]

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The Geekend: 9/20/14

This week, The Geekend crew is big on Smash Bros. and Final Fantasy, but it’s not all big name titles, as Dan continues to enjoy Fairy Fencer F. 8d oyunlar


Assassin’s Creed Card Games

8d oyunlar has secured a license from Ubisoft to produce Assassin’s Creed trading cards and games, as well as other collectibles and game accessories. The company said it would reveal more specific product plans in 2015. 8d oyunlar

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Keep It or Trade It?: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS)

Overall, Square Enix did just about everything right with this sequel. If you even remotely liked the original Theatrhythm, this one will be money well-spent. 8d oyunlar

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TableTop Day 2015

It’s been announced that8d oyunlar will take place on April 11th in 2015. While they’re not taking submissions for events just yet, you can sign up to get more information as it’s released. Last year there were over 3,000 registered events covering all 7 continents and over 80 countries. I can’t wait to register my […]


Patch Products Sold to Private Equity Firm

The founders of 8d oyunlar have sold the company to private equity firm, Topspin Partners. Patch headquarters will stay in Beloit, Wisconsin and Bob Wann will remain as CEO. Patch has been a family-owned business since its founding by brothers Fran and Bryce Patch in 1985. The company publishes The Game of Things, Buzzword, and […]

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