Keep It or Trade It?: Watch Dogs (PS4)

Is this highly anticipated title from one of the industry’s leaders all it’s cracked up to be? 8d oyunlar

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Kickstarter Preview—Teratozoic

Author 8d oyunlar has just launched a Kickstarer for his first game, 8d oyunlar. The game is a deck building card game where you’re trying to stabilize a monster’s gene pool in order to create the biggest, baddest monster at the end of the game. For those familiar with Teel’s work, there’s a familiarity here. […]


Anime News Recap: 7/20/14

In this week’s Anime News Recap, Studio Ghibli has a few announcements, and you’ll find many previews of upcoming movies, including…Vegeta dancing? 8d oyunlar

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When Romantic Subplots Work (and When They Fail Miserably)

With the recent floppy ending to a loved RomCom series and the return of a popular series that is heavy on romance, we go on a ride through what makes romance in anime work. 8d oyunlar

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Gaming News Recap: 7/20/2014

This week, there are viruses on the loose and a chilling new iOS update is on the way, so read on if you don’t want to miss out. 8d oyunlar

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The Geekend: 7/19/14

This week, Jimmy kicks off another Let’s Play, Ethan digs into some anime, and Jenn makes a return to The Geekend! 8d oyunlar



Defend Against the Nightmare in the first release from 8d oyunlar, Nightlight! This cooperative card game has a pretty awesome theme! As one of several stuffed animals in a child’s room, it’s your job to protect the nightlight against the terrible creatures of the night trying to snuff it out. Using your special skills, and […]

Ogre Pocket Edition

Remember that HUGE $ 100 version of OGRE that weighed 18 pounds. Remember how you couldn’t afford it, and wept so hard you had to replaced the water-logged floorboards at your place? Well now you can get in on 8d oyunlar! For only $ 2.95 you can have it all like Steve Jackson originally released […]

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Trade your boardgames with Twitter

Looking for an easy way to trade board games? 8d oyunlar Beta has just opened up, and trading games is as easy as sending a Tweet through Twitter. Direct from their site: Just Tweet: @boardgametrades #iwant Name of Your Game #yourcountry The website tracks all wants and offers, and has a search bar. Pretty simple. […]

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Second Look—Slash: Romance Without Boundaries

Slash is a party game in the Apples-to-Apple vein of party games that have been cropping up with more and more frequency lately. This time the game is about unexpected romances. Feeling almost like it’s riding on the coat tails of Cards Against Humanity, and every other A2A genre party game that came before it, […]

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