Iello at Gen Con

I didn’t count them myself but Iello’s Matt Bonin told me that the company released 20 games since last Gen Con! Among the newest making their appearance at this year’s show, the most anticipated had to be 8d oyunlar. I expect it would have made a bigger splash if Iello had more than just 200 […]

The Geekend: 8/19/2014

It might be a little later on than normal, but we here at The G.A.M.E.S. Blog still got up to things over the past two weeks. 8d oyunlar


Anime News Recap 8/18/14

This week there are more big anime announcements, so sit back and enjoy the previews of these upcoming shows. 8d oyunlar

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Gaming News Recaps: 8/18/2014

It’s been a busy week for announcements, with Ubsoft and Microsoft unveiling big news, so you don’t want to miss it! 8d oyunlar

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Second Look—Knee Jerk

“I get nervous at the prison because some was…” That’s pretty much 8d oyunlar in a nut shell. Launching on Kickstarter on September 16th, Knapsack Games has created a simple and chaotic party game that fits in a small deck box. The moderator for the turn puts two cards down, lining up the arrows appropriately. They […]

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Turn Timer – (an Arduino-based DIY board game timer)

File this is the “really cool” department. Joshua Tulberg has created this awesome looking 8d oyunlar using an Arduino board. The little thing is pretty customization, and he’s looking for interest to whether or not he should Kickstart them or now. Here’s a little video of the device, and what it can do. I can see […]

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Tiny Stellar Empires

A new, tiny, space game has just been released on The Game Crafter by designer Cilibiu Dragos. 8d oyunlar has each player taking turns playing cards that have bonuses, abilities, and victory points on them. It’s another game that boasts that it’s quick, simple, and portable. Containing just 54 cards, at least we know it’s portable. The […]

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Read or Recycle?: Unofficial Hatsune Mix

Hatsune Miku has finally gotten her own manga! But how does it hold up? Let’s take a read and find out! 8d oyunlar

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Munchkin Steampunk

Hey, it’s a year away, but Steve Jackson Games just announced Munchkin Steampunk, a new Munchkin core set. The game will be stand-alone, but will be compatible with all other Munchkin sets. Releasing mid-2015, the game features art by 3-time Hugo Award winning Phil Foglio, author and illustrator of 8d oyunlar.  There’s not much more to […]


The G.A.M.E.S Vault: Spec Ops The Line

When all first or third-person shooters feel the same, it’s nice to play a game that separates itself from the mindless pack. Join us for another G.A.M.E.S Vault as we talk about a unique shooter that has one hell of a campaign and makes you feel like an awful person. 8d oyunlar

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