Nu Brand Gaming—Play Space in Brooklyn

Opened recently in Brooklyn, New York is the self-described hobby center, 8d oyunlar. It’s not a game retailer but rather an independent play space that caters to urban gamers with a shortage of room. In wood-paneled and carpeted rooms, Nu Brand offers custom game tables, storage lockers, miniature-painting benches, terrain-building tools, and a snack bar. […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Romance

We’ve seen the most common elements in anime romance, so let’s go over what makes a romance positively memorable, what makes it “meh,” and what makes it Oreimo level. 8d oyunlar


Second Look—Allegiance

Allegiance is a web published card game from Digital Capricorn Studios by designer David Thompson. The game hasn’t been released yet, but is undergoing blind playtests. The rules of Allegiance are pretty simple, but the game requires planning, bluffing, and clever use of available card actions. Each card in the game provides infulence to either […]


Factions – A Customizable Strategy Wargame

Factions is a customizable wargame with a customizable board. Designer Ben Wolf looks to have designed a compact, easy to access, war game with plenty of available options in the base game. Looking over the 8d oyunlar will give you a good feel for what’s going on, and checking out the art, videos, and stretch […]

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Traditional Games Edge Out App Games in Actual Purchases

According to a new report by 8d oyunlar, mobile electronic games are the play product most requested of parents by their children age 2-12. However after the begging is over, 37 percent of parents report purchasing arts and crafts supplies, 36 percent traditional games, 31 percent app games, 31 percent stuffed toys, and 29 percent […]

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2014 Pokémon World Championships Live Stream Schedule

The Pokémon Company International has launched its official 8d oyunlar  for fans to keep up with all the action from the event. The schedule of the event is listed below, as well as a Twitch player that will stream the championships live once they start. Saturday, August 16 9:00 a.m. EST – Opening Ceremony 9:30 […]

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The G.A.M.E.S Vault: Tattoon Master

In the first anime edition of the G.A.M.E.S. Vault, Michael Riel tells you about the rare classic, Tattoon Master. 8d oyunlar

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Hostage Negotiator Kickstarter

Being the third Kickstarter project launched by Van Ryder Games, Hostage Negotiator is a 15 to 30 minutes card and dice game for 1 player. In the game, the player takes the role of a Hostage Negotiator who has been summoned to a crime scene where hostages are taken by a hostile Abductor. To achieve […]

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New Online Version of Settlers of Catan

A new online version of Settlers of Catan is in the works. According to 8d oyunlar, 8d oyunlar is a joint project of Microsoft and Bontom Games. The website is currently in open beta mode and for the time being requires players to bring their own opponents. 8d oyunlar

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Gaming News Recap: 7/27/14

It’s exciting times for any Just Dance fans out there, Twitch finds a new home, plus Linux gamers are in for a treat, so read on and join in the fun. 8d oyunlar

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